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Stanley Duke & the Kindred Spirits – Collagen (release date 26/07/19)

Date posted: July 24, 2019

Stanley Duke & The Kindred Spirits -CollagenRelease Date: 26/07/19Label: Jam X Recordings
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Rising from the smoking bluesy ashes of Lost Dawn, Stanley Duke is about to embark on a new journey. A psychedelic rock and roll voyage of eccentric sounds that starts with new single ‘Collagen.’Set for full release on the 26thJuly, with a duo of exciting festival dates surrounding the single launch and a full album imminent, the next chapter of Stanley Duke is about to begin.

Renowned for his rockstar aesthetics, enigmatic presence and downright likeability, The Kindred Spirits has been an inevitable project in the making for Stanley, who has accumulated his vast musical influences and inspirations to create a specific inimitable result. After exploring a plethora of sounds and delving deep into experimentation, his departure from Lost Dawn has resulted in a sense of freedom that has allowed him to flex his studio muscle and craft an album that reflects his entire career.

Opening single ‘Collagen’ is the perfect representation of Stanley’s dedication to this cause. Through tranquil, daydream verses to heavy, raw choruses, his gnarly vocals fluctuate between the calm and storm in a heartbeat. Combining slick electronics and impressive guitar work, this one flickers between 80s pop, 70s rock and a style only identifiable to Stanley. Begging for a live performance, you’ll be able to hear ‘Collagen’ and more from his new record at:

Port Eliot Festival –25th July

Leopallooza –27th July

More dates are to be announced shortly, and on touring, ‘Collagen’ and creating new music Stanley added:

“It’s been a long time coming that I spread my wings untethered, and I’m deeply indebted to the foundations made in previous musical endeavours. This is a combination of ideas I’ve been absorbing and exploring for years, all inhabiting the same space. The live show will be a blend of rock bravado and something a little more theatrical.”

Few can lay claim to reinventing their musical output with such success, yet Stanley is one of the few names to do so. Both daring and ambitious, The Kindred Spirits promise to draw you in and keep you there, so fasten your seatbelts.